* Recheck/refresh this schedule on Saturday morning to see what rooms your desired sessions are in. We continue to change room assignments based on the level of interest in each session.

* Use one seat and move to the middle. Every seat will be used in the auditorium and likely in many breakout sessions as well. Please allow as many to sit as possible by using one seat and moving to the middle of a row of seats so others may sit down without climbing over you.

* Be patient. No matter how hard we try, history tells us that some breakout sessions will end up being standing room only for fill up completely.  Please understand that we are trying our very best to make this a productive and enjoyable learning opportunity for you and as many of your fellow Montessorians as possible. Your patience will help the most people receive the most benefit from this conference.

Elizabeth Pabello

University Village Montessori School
Lead Infant & Young Toddler Teacher
I am excited to connect with everyone at the AIMS Conference. I recently completed my Master's in Transformational Leadership and Coaching and am looking forward to serving my fellow Montessorians on a deeper level through facilitating personal growth and development. As a wife of 24 years, mother of 4 grown children, and a lifelong educator in various fields, I look forward to getting to know other Montessorians who have a passion for life and learning.