* Recheck/refresh this schedule on Saturday morning to see what rooms your desired sessions are in. We continue to change room assignments based on the level of interest in each session.

* Use one seat and move to the middle. Every seat will be used in the auditorium and likely in many breakout sessions as well. Please allow as many to sit as possible by using one seat and moving to the middle of a row of seats so others may sit down without climbing over you.

* Be patient. No matter how hard we try, history tells us that some breakout sessions will end up being standing room only for fill up completely.  Please understand that we are trying our very best to make this a productive and enjoyable learning opportunity for you and as many of your fellow Montessorians as possible. Your patience will help the most people receive the most benefit from this conference.
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Suba Jagannathan

Vancouver, Washington
Mirus Toys is dedicated to providing high-quality, nature-based Montessori-inspired educational materials for schools nationwide. Our materials are designed to foster a sense of wonder in children and encourage them to explore and understand the natural world in an intuitive and fun way. They are hands-on, interactive, and tailored to the individual needs of all students. They come with a variety of supporting materials such as lesson plan, follow-up activities, and task cards of varying difficulty to foster independence.

We understand the challenges of creating a classroom that is inclusive and tailored to the needs of all students, which is why we have developed materials that make it easier for educators to do just that. We believe that each child is unique and deserves to have their individual needs met in order to reach their full potential. Our materials allow teachers and children to enjoy variety, repetition, and updated learning experiences that match the world we live in today.

We are a team of 4 women based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we take great pride in making every item with love and care. We are here to serve you and to be a partner in the education of the most important people shaping our future - children and teachers.