* Recheck/refresh this schedule on Saturday morning to see what rooms your desired sessions are in. We continue to change room assignments based on the level of interest in each session.

* Use one seat and move to the middle. Every seat will be used in the auditorium and likely in many breakout sessions as well. Please allow as many to sit as possible by using one seat and moving to the middle of a row of seats so others may sit down without climbing over you.

* Be patient. No matter how hard we try, history tells us that some breakout sessions will end up being standing room only for fill up completely.  Please understand that we are trying our very best to make this a productive and enjoyable learning opportunity for you and as many of your fellow Montessorians as possible. Your patience will help the most people receive the most benefit from this conference.
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Ming Li

Intercultural Montessori Language School
EC Educator
I am a passionate and dedicated Montessori educator with three years of experience in early childhood education at Intercultural Montessori Language School. My journey began right after I earned my Master's degree in Science, and then I started my EC training at Seton Montessori Institute with a focus on Montessori pedagogy. Since then, I have been committed to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for young children.

As an educator, I believe in fostering independence, creativity, and a love for learning in each child. I strive to create a safe and inclusive classroom where each child feels valued and supported. My experience has taught me that every child is unique and has their own learning style, so I tailor my lessons and activities to cater to their individual needs. I have also been fortunate to work alongside Ms. Beth Norman, experienced Montessori educators who have mentored and guided me through my teaching journey. Through collaboration and reflection, I have gained a deeper understanding of Montessori principles and how to apply them in practice.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experience and insights with fellow educators at the AIMS conference. I look forward to learning from others and engaging in meaningful discussions about early childhood education.